Five of the best: south west London sport this weekend

Ever wondered how Harry was so good at Quidditch? Or how throwing a thin piece of plastic became a sport? From Potter to polo, Korfball to Kew Bridge, we look at some of the brilliant and bizarre sporting activities you can get involved with this weekend.


Believe it or not Clapham has its very own Quidditch team. It is slightly strange to watch when it first catches your eye. But if you’ve ever considered mixing Harry Potter and maintaining physical fitness then head down to Clapham Common this Saturday for some broom-riding fun that, if nothing else, will attract intrigue from confused passers-by.

PLEASURE SEEKERS: Quidditch players on Clapham Common

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee has picked up a little bit of a cult following in recent years, transitioning from hobby to sport. There are now a number of teams that competitively take part in it, with the ‘Fulham Flyers’ representing south-west London. They train from 11am every Saturday outside Clapham South station and it’s free. They also socialise afterwards, but stress that although the session is free, ‘the beer is not’.


South London Mitcham take on Croydon in the lesser known sport of Korfball this weekend. It’s the perfect chance to watch a sport that you’ve more than likely never seen before but can easily pick up the rules of in an instant. It’s a cross between netball and basketball in many ways, played at a lightning pace. It is also the opening game of the season so a chance to pick up watching the team from the very first throw and follow them in London League 2. The match is at 3:10pm on Saturday so get down to Croydon if it’s one for you.


At Kew Bridge you can take part in the world’s fastest growing water sport, stand-up paddleboarding.  For £49 you can have 90 minutes on the water, be taught the basics, and see the beautiful sights of London, while gliding down the Thames towards either Hammersmith or Richmond. It is a more tranquil way to spend the weekend, perfect if what you’re looking for is a relaxing, enjoyable Sunday afternoon.

EASY DOES IT: Paddleboarders on the Thames. Photo credit: Paul Gillett

Water Polo

Keeping with the aquatic theme, the West London Penguin water polo team are described as the leading water polo club in London and South East England. They have training sessions dotted all over the place at various times of the week. If you’re set on having a go this weekend then the Latymer Sports Centre from 2-4pm on Sunday is best. In the week it is located at Barnes at St Pauls School from 8-9:30pm. If you have any previous experience with water polo and feel you could add something to their team, then pop along as they welcome newcomers.

Feature image shows ultimate frisbee players. Photo credit: Raimond Spekking / CC BY-SA 4.0 (via Wikimedia Commons) with thanks.

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