Flowers in purple, with two or three yellow ones. Notting Dale Gardening Project

New gardening project for Notting Dale

A new gardening project is to revitalise nature in Notting Dale.

The Notting Dale area, in West London, will see support from Friends of the Earth and the Co-operative Bank, to rejuvenate green space for locals.

The project will introduce a ‘Postcode Gardener’ to Notting Dale, who will work with the Westway Trust and locals, aiming to encourage nature back into the area.

The position of ‘Postcode Gardener’ in Notting Dale is yet to be appointed.

The Westway Trust is seeking a Notting Dale local for the role, who will work with the community and local organisations to deliver gardening projects and teach gardening skills.

Venu Dhupa, chief executive of Westway Trust, said: “I hope to see some of the neglected spaces within the postcode transformed into havens for people to relax, reflect and connect”.

Dhupa thanked Friends of the Earth and the Co-operative for their support, saying the Trust would have struggled to roll out the project without their help.

Catherine Douglas, Chief People and Sustainability officer at The Co-operative Bank, said: “We’re so pleased to be partnering with Friends of the Earth.

“We’re excited to watch the community benefit from the Postcode Gardener scheme and look forward to seeing nature thrive in Notting Dale”.

The partnership of Friends of the Earth and The Co-operative aims to reinvigorate 1,000 neglected spaces throughout the UK. The project is aiming to bring nature to communities lacking green space.

Notting Dale is one of two neighbourhoods selected for the Mayor of London’s Future Neighbourhoods 2030 plan.

The ‘FN’ scheme, funded by the council, aims to turn Notting Dale into “an eco-neighbourhood that is greener, fairer and more climate resilient” by 2030.

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