Take a chant on me: Ancient Indian art of Kirtan chanting responds to Clapham’s call

Take a deep breath – and relax – for those who are jaded by the gym and yawn at yoga, Clapham’s Good Vibrations chanting group promises a novel experience.

Based in Clapham’s Sychronicity Studio, Yoga teacher and experienced Kirtan chanter Craig ‘Nadashakti’ Norris leads groups of both novice and well versed students in the Indian practice.

Speaking to SW Londoner Craig described the appeal, he said: “It just creates a really nice feeling because of the vibrations through chanting. It helps people connect on a really open level with each other.”

The chanting, which originated in India, has become popular in the United States and has started to spread through the UK as more people embrace the ancient art.

While the Kirtan ‘call and response’ chanting makes up the majority of the sessions Craig runs, he also accompanies his group on the harmonium.

The Good Vibrations community is also excited to welcome a guest tabla player to a future session – a type of drum.

Craig HarmoniumCALL AND RESPONSE: Craig plays the harmonium to accompany the chanting

Craig explained his gateway into chanting from more energetic pursuits in 2007 when he first began practising.

He said: “I was doing a lot of clubbing at the time and I wanted to come away from that. It gave me somewhere to go on a Friday night.”

While on a trip to India Craig received a new name as part of a ceremony conducted by an Indian teacher.

Bestowed with the name ‘Nadashakti’ which translates as ‘power of sound’ Craig found it to personally resonate with him as he had just led his first chanting group the week before.

For those looking for something different to start the weekend may be encouraged to join chanting for its health benefits.

Craig said that chanting helps cleanse the stress of the week in addition to ‘giving you a nice pickup of energy as well’.

Novices are welcome at Good Vibrations in Clapham’s Sychronicity Studio and are encouraged to have an open mind.

Featured picture courtesy of Alexandre Delbos, with thanks

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