On The Pulse: Who should win BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2012?


SWLondoner took to the streets of Wimbledon to find out…


By Hannah Friend, Khaleda Rahman & Katie Richardson

2012 has undoubtedly been a fantastic year for sport. Any other year, any one of these 12 contenders would be clear favourites for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award on December 16.

But with the likes of Bradley Wiggins, Andy Murray, Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis and Ellie Simmonds in the running, the competition is fierce.

Wiggins became the first Brit to win the Tour de France and won gold at the Olympics, Murray scored his first Grand Slam title plus an Olympic gold and Sir Chris Hoy became the most decorated British Olympian.

Then there are those who made us proud to be British during the Olympics and Paralympics – Ellie Simmonds, Sarah Storey, Ben Ainslie and David Weir.

Wiggo is odds-on favourite – but who do the people of Wimbledon want to see take the crown?


Ritva McGinn, 47, said: “I think someone from the Paralympics should win it, so Sarah Storey. I was just blown over.”

Nick Fletcher, 43, said: “I think Jessica Ennis for individual performance. Bradley Wiggins gave a great team effort, but I think Ennis should win.”

Sam Wakefield, 23, said: “Ellie Simmonds, as I’ve met her loads of times and she’s very nice. She has genuinely changed the face of sport more than anyone else.”

Joann Swan, 60, said: “I watched Mo during the Olympics and I liked his story, so that’s why really want him to win.”

Ryan Walters, 22, said: “ Andy Murray because we’ve been waiting so long for him to win something.”

Lucas Kelly, 48, said: “I just think Jessica Ennis is an ambassador for the sport and she’s quite pretty.”

Ursula Battle, 55, said: “David Weir because he’s from Wallington and I live there.”

Jonn Williams, 29, said: “Mo Farah because I’m also a runner, so I know to do that form of running is just amazing.”

Linda Dee, 64, said: “Ellie Simmonds because I think she’s inspirational.”

Tom Reynolds, 29, said: “Katherine Grainger because she’s lovely and I think she has a really compelling story. Brilliant woman, brilliant athlete.”

David Jordan, 26, said: “I think Sarah Storey was the best athlete across both the Olympics and the Paralympics.”

Jamie Holt, 29, said: “Bradley Wiggins because he is a true personality in every sense of the word.”

Nate Saunders, 23, said: “Wiggo, because he did something nobody has done before and kept it up by winning gold as well.” 

David Ennis, 28, said: “I think Ennis should win and we do share the same surname. She did all those events, man, credit where credit’s due. I would have passed out on the second one!”

Rob Saker, 39, said: “Mo’s the only one with a personality.”

Nick Walden, 40, said: “As long as Bradley Wiggins is free of drugs I would choose him. It is a massive achievement. Second to him I would choose Murray.”

Carl Maden, 42, said: “Jessica Ennis because she’s an all rounder. She took part in loads of different sports.”

Aaron Barnett, 27, said: “Mo Farah because he was probably the person who stood out most during the Olympics.”

Paul Eddison, 26, said: “Bradley Wiggins because he won the hardest event in sport and he was the first Brit to do it.”

Peter Grant, 29, said: “I think Bradley Wiggins is the obvious choice and although there are some strong names, I think what he did is unlikely to be replicated.”

Nick Atkin, 24, said: “I’ve been a big fan of Andy Murray since I first saw him. I think he’s had to deal with a lot of s*** but he stood up to the challenge and got to the top. I would have liked to see Ian Poulter nominated because he won the Ryder Cup and he’s actually got a personality.”

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