Breaking down barriers: Campaign urges people to spend five minutes opening up about mental health

Take some ‘Time to Talk’ today as people across Britain are asked to take five minutes to talk about mental health and raise awareness.

The aim is to get as many people as possible break the silence that often surrounds mental health, and rid the stigma from this once-taboo issue.

With huge numbers of people speaking out together at the same time, with approximately 24 hours’ worth of conversations expected it really is time to talk.

Figures around SW London have been joining in the conversation, with Carshalton & Wallington MP Tom Brake tweeting “Today is #TimeToTalk Day! @TimeToChange encourages everyone to spend five minutes talking about mental health today.”

Harlequins also showed their support and joined the conversation about mental health issues.

Wimbledon psychotherapist Veronica Giosica fully endorses the idea and hopes that the stigma surrounding mental health is further eroded through the campaign.

Ms Gioscia told SW Londoner: “If you had a cold or a temperature you would go to your GP with it because you are sick.

“Unfortunately many people with mental health problems do not seek professional help. It is very common but yet people are still uncomfortable talking about it.”

Ms Gioscia, of Change My Mind Psychotherapy, outlined how one in four people will suffer from some kind of mental health disorder in their lifetime.

She said: “We need to help break down those barriers. Jobs, finances, relationships and other things affect our mental health.

“Time to Talk is a step in the right direction and the more people that get involved the better.”

The Time to Talk movement aims to open up general and accessible conversations about mental health and reach people who might not normally think or talk about mental wellbeing.

A simple suggestion could be asking someone how they are feeling and by starting these simple conversations we can show that there’s no need to be afraid of talking about mental health.

There will be a special online counter on where a track of the talking minutes will be added up.

Picture courtesy of Pedro Ribeiro Simões, with thanks

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