Review: Les Mills Immersive Fitness @ David Lloyd Leisure, Raynes Park – think Tron without evil Jeff Bridges

As we bid adieu to the cold and dark winter months and welcome spring’s more temperate weather it’s time to cast off our many bulky layers and reveal what lies beneath.

Akin to the horror film of the same name it’s not always pretty and the tins of Quality Street and lashings of prosecco from Christmas can come back to haunt us.

Determined as we are through January to reclaim our pre-party bodies the gym’s appeal can dim when faced with weights, treadmills and a number of unfathomable contraptions.

And frankly there are only so many lunges and Bulgarian split squats a girl can do before collapsing in a burning heap in pursuit of walnut-cracking thighs.

Les Mills stars
IMMERSIVE FITNESS: Les Mills’ The Trip has landed in Raynes Park

Variety is indeed the spice of life when it comes to exercise so when I heard of Les Mills’ latest offering Immersive Fitness I was keen to get into the saddle and pedal my way to glory.

Unlike traditional spin classes where the instructor faces a class and tells the class what to do, the instructor has his/her back to you and leads from the front of the racing team formation.

Our instructor Jamie cued exercise moves to synchronize perfectly with music and the cinema-quality video content on the screen.

The purpose-built studio was extremely chilly when we went in which made me wish I’d layered up a bit more than just wearing a t-shirt and cycle leggings.

However I was reassured by the girl next to me that the temperature would soon soar and that I’d be glad of the cool air, the bottles of water and the towels dotted around.

Les Mills star galaxySTARRY EYED: Cycling through galaxies of stars

The 35-minute workout The Trip starts in outer space which, granted, sounds bizarre but the star-strewn nebulas were the perfect place to warm up.

As we hurtled to earth we then embarked on a challenging glacier ascent which soon had the class panting and perspiring like a Christian Grey special.

After the highs of the glacier we began racing in an amazing digital veledrome.

Think Tron but without the risk of death… or meeting evil Jeff Bridges.

Les Mills tron layoutFUTURISTIC: Next generation spin class

I assumed we were being given another breather as we rode into the sunset so I was genuinely sad when the lights came up and our instructor signalled the end of the class.

I couldn’t believe that I’d survived a 35-minute session without getting bored or resenting the trainer.

And the girl next to me was right.  I was really glad of the cool room, the water and the towel.

The novelty factor definitely played a big part but I don’t see it wearing off any time soon, particularly if they brought out a variety of other films.

Did I enjoy it? Yes. Was I saddle sore the next day? Yes. Would I do it again? Absolutely.

You never know a few more sessions like this and I might just achieve those elusive thighs after all.

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