Harriet Stubbs, a woman in a glamorous blue dress, sits at a black, open grand piano. Her head is bent in concentration. A male stands to her right, turning the pages of her music on the stand.

London living room lockdown concert pianist returns with live performances

A British concert pianist and CEO who performed more than 200 concerts from her Barons Court living room over lockdown last summer has kicked-off her latest live concert series from two new venues. 

Harriet Stubbs has begun a new series of 5pm weekly performances on Fridays at Coach House Pianos, Fulham, and soon Wednesdays from her new Kensington flat near Gordon Place.

The performances are personal practices played inside the showroom, but with the doors open so that passers-by can stop and listen should they choose.

Throughout the first lockdown, Stubbs, from Sussex, delighted the people of West Kensington with daily living room concerts from her Barons Court flat before stopping for surgery, from which she is now fully recovered.

She said: “My neighbours were so good to me when I was unwell, they were knocking at the door with meals they’d cooked and it was amazing, they’re so sweet.

“Just come along, bring a mask, and there’s lots of space to stand outside.”

The 31-year-old was voted a top three UK pianist on the ITV show ‘Britain’s Brilliant Prodigies’ at just 13, going on to perform in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Moving to New York nine years ago, she would usually split her time between her work there, Los Angeles, and her company in the Cayman Islands until returning to London as the pandemic hit.

Coach House pianos started accepting customers by appointment from April 12th, after having to shut just weeks after opening their new London showroom in November 2020.

Head of Client Experience Dan Rusling commented: “It’s been tough for artists over lockdown, so we’re pleased to be able to support Harriet.”

At the concerts Harriet plays classic favourites alongside pieces from her upcoming album with David Bowie’s New York Pianist Mike Garson.

She described the album as ‘Tchaikovsky on a trip, and Bowie who suddenly got a piano orchestra’.

Christine Lambie and her husband Donald have supported Harriet since last summer, their black Labrador Lilly a particularly dedicated fan.

DEDICATED FAN: Black Labrador Lilly enjoys Harriet’s performance

Christine said: “We’ve loved coming to her concerts during this dreary time.”

Donald added: “It’s great. Harriet has managed to keep the musical flame burning over the lockdown period.” 

Over lockdown, Harriet has also been training to swim the English Channel, a hobby very important to her.

She said: “It’s a healthy balance because it’s nature, and totally different to sitting and having to study really hard.” 

DUSK SETTLES: Socially distanced neighbours and passers-by who have stopped, captivated, applaud as Harriet Stubbs finishes her first performance back

When travel restrictions lift, she is eager to get back to work with her company, Blue Sonic Cayman International, setting up the first music festival staged in open water 100 feet offshore from the Cayman Islands.

“It’s going to be wild, I’m excited… although life is easier in one place!

“In the meantime, I will be continuing my concert series and as things open up, I’m really looking forward to us enjoying life again.”

The concerts are free, though she has a patreon account for supporters.

Find out more about Harriet Stubbs and her concerts on her website, Instagram and Twitter.

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