Book Slam back with a bang with first 2015 performance at The Clapham Grand

A literary night of onstage performances kick-started 2015 in Clapham with even more writing, inspirational poetry and live music.

Among Book Slam’s guests at the Clapham Grand were bestselling author of The Bone Season Samantha Shannon and 2013 Commonwealth Short Story Prize winner – Eliza Robertson, who read from her debut collection Wallflowers.

Award-winning author Ms Robertson told SW Londoner that events such as Book Slam were a great opportunity to meet and interact with the audience.

She said: “I think it is good when an author can be present at events and come face to face with their audience.

“I think we live in an age where you market the author as much as you market the book, which is why social media is so huge – but nothing can replace person to person, real-time interaction at live events.”

Poet Tony Walsh also took to the stage to share his work and explained why he thinks events like Book Slam are so important.

“This is making literature a live event as it always used to be,” he said.

“We’ve only written things down for a few hundred years but we have told stories, songs and performed to each other for thousands of years.

“This is part of that ancient tradition of getting it out there and sharing it as a human story.”

Over the years the literary organisation, which established itself six years ago, has featured a range of iconic figures including Nick Hornby, Kate Nash and Grammy Award winner Adele.

Book Slam regularly takes place in Clapham bringing even more literary genius, creative flare and impassioned readings to the spotlight.

To keep track of upcoming events visit www.bookslam.com

Picture courtesy of Book Slam, with thanks 

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