WATCH: 2022 Paragames Athletics day at the London Youth Games

It was all smiles and happiness at the Mile End Park Stadium in East London as children from all over London gathered to take part in the ParaGames Athletics day at the London Youth Games (LYG).

The LYG has a rich and diverse history, stretching back decades and featuring some of the most influential figures in British sport of the last 50 years.

As one of the world’s leading annual youth sports events, the LYG has continually evolved and progressed by driving sports participation in local schools and communities in the nation’s capital.

ParaGames Athletics is a mix of track and field events for Years 7-13. It’s a pan-disability and SEND event (Special Educational Needs and Disability). 

With so many different activities to take part in and up to 20 people competing for each team, it’s a real group effort and a proudly inclusive event.

For the full story, watch below:

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