Game, set, match? Table tennis dating tournament comes to Clapham

Londoners better start practicing their forehands and backhands because ping pong is coming to Clapham!

The Jam Tree Clapham will be hosting an exciting night filled with games, booze and lots of ping pong on Thursday March 5.

For the first time ever The Jam Tree’s bookcase bar will be turned into an energetic battle place hosting a table tennis tournament.

The event organizer is comedian and comedy writer Barnaby Slater, an amateur ping pong player who runs table tennis tournaments across London.

“I run table tennis at various venues and I thought the Jam Tree would be a great place for it,” said Mr. Slater.

“The food is really good there and the atmosphere is good and Clapham is a really nice place.

“I’m a keen amateur ping pong player. I’ve never played seriously but it’s very popular with a lot of people these days especially in bars and other social venues.”

The ping pong tournament, which is free to take part in, will begin at 7.00pm on Thursday and players of all ages and levels are welcome.

There is also expected to be a table tennis dating tournament where single male and female participants are partnered up to play in a doubles competition.

Participants are encouraged to come in costumes and fancy dress as prizes will be awarded for the best dressed players.

Prizes will also be given for the best shots of the night as well as to the tournament winners.

Those participating will also get a chance to play their own theme tune if they win the opening coin toss before the start of their respective matches.

Picture courtesy of Dustin Baxter, with thanks

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