Comment: Drake’s new In My Feelings video gets everyone doing the Shiggy Challenge

Drake’s video for In my Feelings has more than 55 million views on YouTube in eight days and everyone is loving it.

The 90s themed video is set in New Orleans at this year’s Jazz Fest and shows several different groups of people having fun, dancing and enjoying the festival all the while listening to In my Feelings.

It features the Shiggy Challenge, a dance that has now taken over the world and caused some controversy as people’s adaptations of it have seen them getting out of moving cars and doing it alongside it – causing a few accidents.

We asked the public about their opinions on the video and if they had gotten involved in the Shiggy Challenge.

Most said the liked the 90s vibe and the video.

Ellen Kenny, 17, from Harrow, said: “The video looked fun, everyone was having a great time, it was great.”

“Drake seems good, everyone likes him. I liked that he included, at the end, the people that too part in the dance.”

People have also been talking about how Drake is very interested in British Grime culture, even supporting unsigned artists such as Kennington’s Loski Loose, that are making their way through the music industry.

It was good to see him promote his own hip hop culture in this new music video with features from Jazz Fest and also 90s style outfits that he would have grown up with.

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