‘I’d love to have a fan base as big as Justin Bieber’: Talented Carshalton teen lands deal with Radio 1 DJ

A talented teenage musician from Carshalton College has agreed a publishing deal with a Radio 1 DJ and is jet-setting to Texas to perform at South by Southwest festival tomorrow. 

Jamal Woon, 17, studying Music Technology Level 2 at Carshalton College, has landed a publishing deal with Mistajam.

Jamal spent his early teenage years as a music video director, working with the likes of Dappy, Amplify Dot and Dot Rotten where he built good relationships.

He then took to SoundCloud and his career rocketed, with various features on Radio 1 and Channel 4 he has gained a growing fan base.

Jamal, a musician, singer, songwriter and producer said: “It’s crazy, I am just getting used to a new experience.

“Everything I did was in my bedroom, now I am getting onto the international stage.”

His music gained attention from many within the music industry, peaking with Mistajam private messaging him on Twitter — the pair then arranged a deal that was signed in February.

Jamal spoke of the inspiration his mum gave him in when he was younger and how she made him a music fan.

He said: “My mum used to play music and it made me feel good. Now I can make someone else feel the same way.

“My mum wanted me to go to university but I wanted to be in the music industry.

“I said to her to let me try and get a publishing deal by the end of the year and she said I can try.

“I proved something to my mum and now she is loving it.”

In 2015, Jamal wrote and produced his first single ‘Somebody Else?’ on SoundCloud where it received 10,000 hits and was played on Radio 1.

Following this was his single ‘Heal You’, which achieved 30,000 hits in the first week and appeared on Channel 4’s Best Before.

The gifted teenager is flying out on Wednesday March 15 to perform at South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas.

Jamal will be accompanied on set by pianist Gabriel Davies and DJ Matthew Money.

He added: “I am looking forward to it and playing to my fan base. I do get a lot of plays out in America.

“Being an act is crazy. Last year I wanted to do SSW but I didn’t expect to be performing and I am really excited.”

“I would love to become a worldwide musician. I’d love to have a fan base as big as Drake or Justin Bieber and I would buy a house for my mum.”

Image courtesy of Jamal Woon, with thanks

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