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South West Londoner takes a look at this week’s best tweets…


By SWLondoner staff

SWLondoner takes a look at this week’s best tweets…


RIP Satire: Rupert Murdoch complained of harassment by paparazzi

Associate Editor at the Daily Mirror, Kevin Maguire


I actually think Rupert Murdoch made a pretty good impression, of a Tequila worm in a cancer hospice

Frankie Boyle


Watching the Jeremy Hunt statement in the Commons, Clegg looks as if he’s looking for a bus to fall under: he doesn’t seem to like this one jot

Jon Snow


Has Jeremy Hunt resigned yet, or is he waiting for Rupert to tell him if he should or not?

Piers Morgan


Jeremy Hunt had to repay expenses twice said he didn’t understand rules, either he is crook or idiot. Should he be in the position he holds?

Lord Sugar


London is way too multicultural for a mayor like Boris Johnson. It makes no sense.

Speech Debelle


England’s biggest ever robbery took place today – The #NHS was stolen from under the noses of the public by the Health & Social Care Act.

Clive Peedell, Deputy Chair of the Royal College of Consultants


Very sad to hear of the death of The Killers saxophonist Tommy Marth. Our sympathies with his family.

Simon Le Bon


Just turned my film off to see there’s a guy with hostages on Tottenham Court Road? What’s going on? I’d avoid that part of town!

Fraizer Campbell


Wonder if Pep Guardiola likes North London?

Piers Morgan


Ant & Dec told me that if gay marriage becomes legal they want to be first to tie the knot. Simon Cowell and I have been asked to be bridesmaids.

David Walliams


Yes I’m in New Zealand – I got a job as a body double for The Hobbit

Alan Carr

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