Clapham Sainsbury’s in nationwide food drive tomorrow


Sainsbury’s is participating in the ‘1 Million Meal Appeal’ to tackle the numbers going hungry this Christmas.


By Joel Durston

Clapham Sainsbury’s is participating in the ‘1 Million Meal Appeal’ tomorrow – a nationwide food drive tomorrow to tackle the numbers going hungry over Christmas.

This one-day event at the store on Clapham High Street – and another 603 – is being run in association with FareShare. an award-winning charity which aims to relieve food poverty.

Customers will be encouraged to buy and donate one extra food item, which will be delivered by FareShare over the festive period to a network of over 700 charities and community projects supporting homeless and vulnerable people.

“We would like to go give customers the opportunity to donate food during this special day and help make a difference to causes across the UK,” Sainsbury’s Retail and Logistics Director, Roger Burnley, said.

He says this is to make balanced meals for those in need, because Sainbury’s routinely donate food to FareShare, but typically only fresh produce with the shortest shelf life.

The event follows a successful trial in July where 25.5 tonnes of food – enough to feed 60,000 people – was collected from the three-day trial in 19 participating stores.

Last year food distributed by FareShare contributed to 8.6 million meals and it was awarded the title ‘Britain’s Most Admired Charity’.

One of the most prominent of the hostels, shelters, schools and youth groups is Aldo Zilli’s American Soup Kitchen in central London, which, inspired by Zilli’s past homelessness, provides resources and advice for the homeless, elderly, poor and lonely.

The Director, Miranda Suit, said: “Just being able to sit down over a meal brings people together and gives them something positive to talk about.

“We see a particularly positive impact in our elderly clients. Not only do people put on weight, but they also start to take more care over their care over their appearance, a sure sign of feeling a sense of community and pride.”

Lindsay Boswell, FareShare Chief Executive, is very enthusiastic about the scheme, believing good food should not be wasted and should go to people first.

He said: “With people’s help we can feed even more good food to some of the poorest people in our society, and help in some way to give them a happy Christmas this year.”

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