Nothing compares to EU: Wimbledon campaigners set up shop to cope with demand for pro-Europe t-shirts

T-shirts bearing the ‘Stronger In’ slogan have been in such high demand in Merton that a special online shop has been set up for EU-loving residents wanting to show support for staying in Europe.

Despite Wimbledon MP Stephen Hammond only cautiously supporting the Remain campaign, the Wimbledon branch of Stronger In is urging the public to vote ‘Bremain’ on June 23.

Stronger In is the official remain campaign and the Wimbledon branch volunteer  believe that Britain is stronger, safer and better off in Europe.

Kelly Braund, Wimbledon Stronger In events organiser, said: “In Merton, the response has been incredibly positive.

“Lots of people stop and tell us that they are already voting to remain and proudly sport their Stronger In stickers.

“We have gotten lots of requests to sell our Stronger In t-shirts so much that an online shop has now been set up!”

The group have been tirelessly campaigning, talking to people from Colliers Wood to Morden and Mitcham, answering questions and promoting Britain’s continued EU membership.

Ms Braund has advice for people who are unsure how they will vote next month.

She said: “I would recommend that anyone who is unsure of how to vote should come along to one of our events and chat to volunteers about why staying in the EU is best for them, their families and their careers.

“Members of the public can also check out the Stronger In website, for campaign news, facts and expert opinions on Europe.”

Stephen Hammond said earlier this year in a statement: “I believe it is in the UK’s best interests to remain a member of a reformed European Union.

“We Conservatives have been rightly complaining about the “superstate of Europe” for some time.

“I remain convinced we must never join the Euro and have always believed the Eurozone countries must not be allowed to set the economic framework and make the economic decisions for the whole EU.

“In a globalised and interconnected world our country will be affected by many issues that are outside of the control of one Government alone, be it global pollution, the threat from terrorism or the conduct of the world’s financial markets.

“Therefore, I believe we must continue to work together on these external issues to ensure that the UK can continue to have influence over how they affect us.

“I love the United Kingdom and I do not love the European Union. There is much about the EU that irritates and annoys me. I would also accept that the Prime Minister’s deal does not make the EU perfect. I will never say that the UK could not survive outside the EU.”

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