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WATCH: ‘A Stitch to Wear’ clothes swapping event promotes sustainable fashion in Sutton

Over 100 people attended A Stitch to Wear’s latest clothes swapping event in Sutton on Saturday 14 January.

The events are based on the principle of ‘swapping not shopping’ and attendees are invited to bring up to 10 items of clothing that they can exchange for other pieces.

Each item is awarded points with higher points being given for items of better quality and value.

A Stitch to Wear has recently expanded their events to include homeware, handbags, books and children’s wear.

The events promote the concept of sustainable of fashion and the swaps have proven to be particularly popular in light of the cost-of-living crisis.

South West Londoner spoke to Jo Watson and some of her volunteers about why they set up the clothes swap and what the events bring to the local community.

Watch the video below to find out more:

A Stitch to Wear: clothes swapping event promotes sustainable fashion in Sutton

A Stitch to Wear will be hosting their next clothes swap in the Times Square Shopping Centre, Sutton on Saturday 18 February.

Featured image and video credit: Olivia Christie

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