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By SWLondoner staff

Piano-Yoga, a unique method of piano playing, could be coming to South West London.

Created and developed by Russian virtuoso pianist and educator GéNIA, it combines two different styles of teaching: the fundamentals of Western piano schools with  Eastern spiritual philosophies.

Through engaging body and mind, it aims to focus piano practice and improve concentration and posture, helping prevent injuries in the process. 

Piano-Yoga held an all-day retreat last Sunday at Steinway Hall, Oxford Street. The event was well attended, with a wide range of ages and skills on display, from young children to older professionals.

Saori, of Piano-Yoga, said: “The methods used in the Japanese piano industry are similar to those used in Russia, combining two of the most recognised philosophies in piano teaching.”

Currently based in central London, the company also hold lessons via Skype, allowing anyone access to its expert teaching methods. 

However, it is actively exploring ways to expand and those within the South West London area could soon be reaping the benefits.

This new-age concept could give a well-timed boost to the recession-hit piano industry. 

Sheldon Maritz, of Piano Warehouse, Surbiton, said: “The halcyon days of piano building are over.”

A recent BBC radio documentary painted a grim picture, though Derek Love, of Piano Workshop, Reigate, one of the last restorers left in London, sees things differently.

“There are a lot of old pianos that need throwing away because they are junk,” he said, “but some are still beautiful, especially those from Germany.

“The idea that there is no interest in old pianos is an inaccurate one.”

Ideas such as Piano-Yoga could certainly help regenerate London, the one-time hub of the piano industry. 

Those who want to try this new phenomenon can call 020 7226 9829 or email [email protected]

Freddie Shires, Ciaran Kelly, Jan Kapica, Sam Petherick 

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