Police serve to protect the system not the public, protestor claims

A protestor outside Scotland Yard on Saturday claimed police serve to protect the system, not the public following the shooting of Chris Kaba earlier this month.

Kaba’s family accused the Metropolitan Police of racism after he was killed by a Met officer.

Hundreds of people gathered outside Scotland Yard in central London to protest with more protests seen in Cardiff, Brighton and Southampton.

Ivan, 43, has lived in the UK for nine years and said: “The reason I’m here, is because I’m scared I’ll be killed on the road by the police based on my nationality, my religion, and where I come from.”

The Independent Office for Police Conduct confirmed they were investigating whether race played a part in the shooting.

Ivan fears he will be killed by police due to his nationality

Kaba, 24, was shot by armed police on Monday 5 September after his vehicle was stopped in Streatham Hill.

The IOPC launched a homicide investigation into the shooting last week and suspended the Met Police officer involved in the death a few days later.

Ivan added: “He had no weapons, there was multiple police officers, but this was a young black man, this is what they saw, and they killed him.

“The problem is, the police in the United Kingdom behave like they are above the law.

“At times they behave like organised crime.”

When asked on his opinions of the Metropolitan Police in particular, Ivan feels that they are in desperate need of reform.

Ivan added: “The leadership is designed to protect the system, not to protect the public.”

The Met Police have been contacted but declined to comment.

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