Two lime bikes blocking a street in Wandsworth

Wandsworth Council to install e-bike parking bays across the borough

Wandsworth Council is set to install a number of dedicated e-bike parking bays across the coming four weeks.

This initiative, which will see 141 bays installed, aims to manage parking effectively in busy town centres while promoting the use of low-carbon transport options.

The installation programme began yesterday, Thursday 20 June. 

Barry Edwards, the Reform UK candidate for Battersea, claimed e-bikes were an issue in the borough.

Edwards said: “It’s dangerous. Blind people trip over them and all sorts. 

“People, they haven’t got much responsibility or respect for other people, so they just dump them anywhere.”

The new parking bays will be strategically located in high-traffic areas including Clapham Junction, Tooting Broadway, Tooting Bec, Wandsworth Town, Balham, Putney, and other parts of the borough.

This scheme is designed to ensure that residents can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of e-bike travel while maintaining organized parking in crowded town centres.

By implementing these dedicated bays, the council aims to prevent the issues caused by careless parking, which has been a concern for pedestrians and local communities.

David Tidley, Head of Transport Strategy at Wandsworth, expressed support for the initiative.

Tidley said: “We support the use of e-bikes as they offer a convenient travel option for residents and visitors.

“They’re a clean and sustainable way of getting around and help to improve local air quality. 

“But residents will know that there have been some challenges, with a small minority of riders abandoning bikes without any thought for pedestrians and local communities. 

“These new bays will help riders to park in fixed town-centre locations and encourage considerate parking.”

Riders will be expected to use these parking bays wherever possible. 

Once all the bays have been installed, parking will be prohibited on pavements in busy town centre locations. 

Responsible ‘free-floating’ parking will still be permitted away from these hotspots and in quieter parts of the borough.

Wandsworth resident, Magan Issa, 25, said: “A lot of major cities have had to tackle it and deal with people dumping e-bikes everywhere.

“I’m glad Wandsworth is finally tackling it.”

A further programme of e-bike parking bays is planned for later this year. 

The public is encouraged to report any poorly parked or abandoned e-bikes directly to the operators to maintain the cleanliness and safety of public spaces.

Forest operators can be contacted at 020 8157 7491 and [email protected].

Lime operators can be contacted at 0800 808 5223 and [email protected].

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