‘Thank you from the bottom of my heart’: Lambeth police chief honours unsung heroes at New Scotland Yard ceremony

Brave and compassionate unsung heroes from across South Lambeth have been honoured in a police ceremony at New Scotland Yard.

Acts of courage, tenacity, professionalism, compassion, humanity, teamwork and outstanding public spirit were told to the 50 award recipients and their families last Friday.

Lambeth Borough Commander Chief Superintendent Richard Wood recognised the outstanding actions of 44 police officers, three police community support officers and three members of the public by commending them in a borough commanders ceremony.

Borough Commander Richard Wood said: “It gives me great pleasure to recognise and commend this outstanding work.

“I think of the lives that could have been lost had it not been for the professionalism and skills of these officers and staff.

“It’s been an absolute honour to present you with all of these awards today.

“I’m proud of you all, I think you’re truly inspirational and are a credit to the Metropolitan Police Service and an absolute credit to the London borough of Lambeth.”

L263 - 2014 PCSO Marcia Reynolds with BC

Police Constable Nick Hedges, Tanya O’Brien and Rachel Smith were commended for compassion, professionalism and determination in the steps taken to track down a dying homeless man’s family so they could be with him in his final days.

Police Constable John Nicholson, Police Constable Paul Dunlavey, Police Constable Erica Salvisberg, Police Constable Richard Wash and Police Constable James Moore were commended for courage, empathy and teamwork in preventing a male from taking his own life.

Police Constable Mark Cockburn and Police Constable James Martin were commended for compassion, humanity and professionalism in dealing with a female who had taken her own life and providing care to the immediate family who found her.

Police Sergeant Nick Howden, Police Constable Dave Heffernon and Police Constable Lance Hooper were commended for bravery and professionalism in the safe evacuation of elderly residents from a burning block of flats.

Borough Commander Richard Wood added: “The events we have heard about today are typical of our officers, our staff and indeed members of the community here in Lambeth in supporting each other, demonstrating bravery and above all providing a professional policing service.

“It is always my great pleasure to commend those officers, staff and members of the public who have shown dedication to the community and their safety in such inspiring ways.

“I also convey my thanks to the families of my officers and staff who so often have their own lives disrupted by the professional demands placed on their loved ones.”

“Today we have heard of deeds that do go above and beyond the call of duty from both officers, staff and members of the public, some tremendous public bravery and public spirit, excellent detective work and above all true commitment to victim care.

“What we have heard about today is that great mass that the public don’t ever really see.

So thank you all from the bottom of my heart, it’s been a great privilege to be here this afternoon”.

“We are here to keep London safe and the stories we heard today are shining examples of how we do that. I am so proud of the men and women in the Met.”

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