Sadiq Khan promises to ‘combat police reform’ with new Met Commissioner set to be announced

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has said that it is crucial that London policing is reformed and explained that the new Met commissioner will have to play a vital part in this.

In a speech at City Hall on Friday, the Mayor of London outlined how the next commissioner must not ignore previous failings of the Met police.

While addressing the audience, the Mayor said: “The previous scandals have made me sick to my stomach.”

He made it clear the need for urgent reform is not about being anti-police but quite the opposite, and while emphasising the need for change he said we must be honest and open.

To reform London, the new commissioner must face up to the hard truths first and foremost, Khan said, adding that standards will be raised in recruitment in combination with more vigilant vetting to uphold the highest standards within the Met as an organisation.

He explained how no Mayor has invested more than himself and since 2016 there has been constant improvements.

But Khan added that the police service has reached a crossroads and a change in culture is needed now, with the new commissioner needing drive out discrimination, misogyny and racism and work with the police to ensure a safer London for all.

The Mayor said: “My promise to Londoners is to combat police reform, change is long overdue.”

He added: “I want to make crystal clear today I won’t support the appointment of a new commissioner unless they can demonstrate they understand the true extent of the cultural and organisational problems within the Met.

“That they appreciate the moral and operational imperatives to confront them head on and that they have a convincing plan to reduce crime further, improve detection rates and bring more criminals to justice.”

History tells us it won’t be easy to make these changes, but Khan is confident that they will happen.

The next commissioner is not expected to be announced until July at the earliest.

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