‘Best pantomime in London’: Boris Johnson Superfan mourns Mayor’s Question Time swansong

It was edge-of-the-seat entertainment – you could’ve been forgiven for thinking the cheering and applauding woman was at a football match not Boris Johnson’s final Question Time as London Mayor on Wednesday.

To Conservative campaigner Christine Forrest, who has been attending Mayors Questions since helping with Mr Johnson’s successful re-election campaign in 2012, this was better than theatre.

“It’s the best pantomime in London,” she said, primed with a camera for Mr Johnson’s final appearance.

The Mayor, who she has met on several occasions, gave her a wave during the opening moments before he received questioning that seemed to come with extra vigour.

Labour politicians Len Duvall and Andrew Dismore relished their final opportunity to attack Mr Johnson on European Union Directives and London’s Cable Car and Orbit Tower respectively, to the extent that they had to be stopped by committee members.

For Ms Forrest this was nothing out of the ordinary, saying it was always like that.

“These are all Labour here, then there’s the Greens and the Liberals in the middle then there’s the Conservatives,” she said.

“Boris is famous for his wit and particularly with having him here it’s very entertaining and informative.”

With the two largest parties divided up on opposite sides it did adhere to a pantomime atmosphere but Mr Johnson was typically able to cut through the attacks.

Mr Johnson’s wit extended to self deprecation when a Prime Ministerial run was mentioned as he fobbed off the suggestion, despite persistent rumblings that he is gearing up to a leadership challenge.

Ms Forrest wasn’t fooled by his dismissal of the idea, as someone who has watched his political career she is convinced his ambitions extend beyond city hall and his MP seat.

“He always says that, of course he will run and he will make an excellent Prime Minister if it comes to that,” she said.

“He has been wonderful for London and we will all miss him dearly.”

Now attentions are turning towards Zac Goldsmith whose ‘Back Zac’ campaign Ms Forrest has been canvassing for.

“Zac is doing very well and I am very sure he will be elected, they say they’re very close but they said that about the general election and they were miles apart,” she said.

“It’s going to be just as good when Zac gets here.”

Featured picture courtesy of BackBoris2012 Campaign Team, with thanks

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