St Mary’s University student confident he can qualify for Commonwealth Games


Weightlifter Adam Mattiussi hopes to qualify this Saturday.


By Justin Feck

St Mary’s University student and weightlifter Adam Mattiussi will take his quest to qualify for the Commonwealth Games to Birmingham on Saturday.

Mattiussi, who only took up weightlifting after studying the sport as part of his university course, believes that he will have to set a personal best of over 280kg to seal his place at Glasgow.

“I’ve hit 280kg in training, 125kg snatch and 155kg clean and jerk, which I’ve done a couple of times – it is about putting that in comp first of all,” said Mattiussi.

“I’ve done 127.5kg on the snatch whilst in training, and I’d like 160kg in the clean and jerk”

“I need to hit that 280kg total but will need 285/290kg to be going.”

Whilst the competition destined to be competitive, Mattiussi is confident of qualifying.

“They can only take eight men, and two per weight category, so I have to be competitive with the top eight men in England,” he added.

“I am confident that I can make it, but it all comes down to the day”

Since London 2012, weightlifting has had all its funding withdrawn by UK Sport, but Mattiussi believes that the effects are unclear until an appeal has taken place.

“There are five to seven weightlifters on the elite programme. If weightlifting loses it’s funding, then the weightlifters could have their funding cut also,” said the 22-year-old.

“They are putting together a case saying that we have got potential to medal in Rio. We have got a better case than UK Sport think we do.

“If funding gets cut, I don’t think there will be an elite programme in weightlifting, there will only be a talent and development aspect to it.

“If England can win medals at the Commonwealth Games, it would go a long way to showing UK Sport that they need to reconsider their decision.”

The part-time student, who is currently in his third year of studying Strength and Conditioning science, said that he only really started to weight lift after being taught how to in a module in his first year.

“One of the modules is being able to weight lift as you have to be able to teach it to other people.

“I was coached three times a week and at the end there was a mini competition on technical ability and the amount lifted depending on body weight.”

Mattiussi believes that without the assistance of St Mary’s and TASS (talented athlete scholarship scheme), his journey would have been far tougher.

“St Mary’s AU (Athletics Union) actually help with funding through the principals fund, that means my travel, my accommodation and competition fees should hopefully all be covered which is a big help”

Mattiussi, who also teaches weightlifting at Crossfit Ivy in Feltham, says that his family and girlfriend have been hugely supportive of his weight lifting.

“My mum has come to a couple of my competitions, and my dad is supportive too. I’ve been so focussed on my training so he has helped on the financial side.”

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