Line of Duty writer becomes Teddington Landmark Arts Centre patron

The writer of Line of Duty writer has become a patron for the Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington. 

Jed Mercurio, 55, lives in Teddington and decided to support the venue, which has struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic.

Amanda Root, 58, who played Anne Elliot in Persuasion, also lives in Teddington and has also become a patron for the centre.

The pair are already ardent supporters of the Landmark, with Mercurio tweeting messages of support to encourage donations earlier this year and Root initiating the hugely successful benefit production of Playing Jane, one of the few live performances that the Landmark was able to put on last year.

Martin Nicholds, Landmark Arts Centre chairman said: “Having Jed and Amanda behind us can only be a hugely positive symbol that we have a significant role to play in the area.

“This is not just about having well known people as patrons for the sake of it. Amanda is founder and chair of another charity Talitha Arts 2010 and we too have an interest in using arts to support people with neurological support needs.

“Her very strong acting career will be very useful for developing theatre formats at the Landmark. 

“Jed as well is arguably the country’s leading script writer and is also interested in developing talent.”

The Landmark is a charity with no core funding and as financial pressures mounted during the pandemic, the organisation realised it needed stronger support.

The charity emphasised the importance of remaining relevant and engaging with wide sections of the community.

Nicholds added: “They both, together with others we hope to get from other branches of the arts world, will help draw attention to us as an arts centre, perhaps open some doors for us and stimulate our own thinking.

“It’s been great. We know people wish us well and want the Landmark to develop and thrive as seen in the more than 1,000 people who donated to our ‘Save the Landmark’ campaign last year.”

You can donate to the ‘Save the Landmark’ campaign here.

Featured image credit: Jonathan Cardy

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