We’re about girl power: hear from the dance group leader performing at MoonWalk 2019

A ‘pro-female’ dance troupe will perform for fundraisers preparing to set off from Clapham Common for MoonWalk 2019 on Saturday.

Slay! dance company, part of the City Academy Dance school, is a dance troupe that has been going since September 2017 and has dancers from 23-39 performing.

It specialises in ‘diva dance style’ and is directed by professional dancer and tutor Ann-Marie Lennon, 44.

She said: “To have an opportunity of performing at something for the cause of breast cancer is something that we’re really about.

“We are about the girl power. We do like to support causes that are close to our hearts as women.”

Ms Lennon describes Slay! as ‘pro-female’, and last year the dance company performed at a show dedicated to celebrating women and 100 years of suffrage.

GIRL POWER: The dancers rehearse ahead of Saturday’s performance.

They also performed at the International Day of Dance event in Elephant Park at the end of April.

“Things like this, like the MoonWalk is just an awesome, awesome, awesome thing and I really appreciate the fact that they’ve asked us to come and perform for the walkers before they go out through the night.”

A spokeswoman for the MoonWalk said: “The entertainment is one of the ingredients that make the MoonWalk the success that it is.”

MoonWalk London is celebrating its 22nd year, and will see thousands of men and women walk a full marathon or a half marathon overnight.

Actress Harriet Thorpe will be walking the half-marathon, and 80s pop icon Hazell Dean will be performing some of her hit tunes.

London landmarks are expected to be lit up in pink in support of the MoonWalk including the London Eye, the IMAX Cinema, County Hall and Waterloo Bridge.

Feature image credit: Ross Gamble and City Academy.

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