Deliveroo boss joins board of Clapham doctor-on-demand startup

Deliveroo’s UK managing director has expressed his excitement after joining the board of a Clapham doctor-on-demand startup.

Dan Warne, who joined food-delivery business Deliveroo in 2014, became a non-executive director and key stakeholder at healthcare app Qure after it launched in August.

He plans to use his expertise in the on-demand space to help the business expand.

Mr Warne said: “I think Qure is a brilliant concept and proving very successful in practice, and I have every belief that growth will happen quickly.

“I am really excited to see what the future will hold as I think the business is a really positive disruptor into the health-tech market.”

Qure was founded by former banking professionals Charlie Harington and Alex Templeton to provide on-demand medial consultations from £70 to Clapham and now covers south-west and central London.

Mr Harington and Mr Templeton met the Deliveroo executive in 2015 through a mutual friend and after discussing the idea for Qure stayed in touch as they developed the business.

After several meetings, the healthcare startup’s co-founders asked Mr Warne if he would join the business.

Mr Harington said: “Having grown an on-demand business where he built the business up in London and the UK we thought it would be great if he joined.

“We asked him and he jumped on board and he’s been absolutely fantastic.”

Mr Warne added: “I saw a lot of crossover from my early days at Deliveroo to what the guys are doing at Qure. The idea is both simple and brilliant.”

Qure’s founders believe their app will fill a gap in the market created by long GP surgery waiting times.

Mr Templeton said: “Charlie and I struggled to get timely care for ourselves and our families. The quality of care in this country is second to none, but the problem is getting seen is very difficult.

“The average waiting time for the NHS is 13 days. Our thinking was to create a service that wouldn’t replace GPs but relieve a pressure point at those times when they’re needed most.”

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