Pies not lies: Daily parliament protest to stop Brexit to hold night vigil

A rare coins dealer from Port Talbot who protests daily against Brexit outside the Houses of Parliament plans to hold a night vigil.

Steven Bray, 48, who can be found outside the Houses of Parliament from 11:00am to 6:00pm every day that MPs are in session, is encouraging Anti-Brexitiers to join Stop Brexit Night March & All Night Vigil planned for Monday June 11.

The vigil will be supporting the long-awaited MP’s debate on the Option to Remain petition and the start of the article 50 Challenge court case on June 12.

Mr Bray said: ‘’We need to be attacking this government on every single front, I am boots on the ground, Liz  (Webster) in the court, the groups countering Leave activity online — we’re all doing our bit.’’

Mr Bray and Stand of Defiance European Movement (SODEM) aim to send a clear message to the politicians that many people feel ignored and underrepresented since the European Union membership referendum in June 2016.

Mr Bray said: ‘’Two years after the referendum people are beginning to see that they are not getting what they voted for.

“People with no hope were given false hope and were conned into believing certain things.

‘’Those who voted leave are seeing they are not getting what they voted for, those who voted remain are obviously not getting what they voted for — absolutely no one is getting what they voted for,” he added.

Mr Bray, who has self-funded the campaign, began in September 2017 with organising a ‘Day of Action’ on the day the MPs returned from their summer recess.

When asked what motivates him to spend his days outside the Parliament holding the EU flag, the activist says that he simply realises how massive mistake Brexit is for the UK.

“And should we Brexit I understand the implications and where we’re going to go – and that’s down the pan.

“One day I will retire and I might want to go to Malta to live, but it’s part of the European Union.

“All this will affect my future life and everyone else’s, the youngsters of today – it is massive and should we leave everyone will pay for it for the rest of our lives,’’ he said.

Data gathered by shows that 63% of people who took part in the study have no confidence Theresa May can secure a good Brexit deal for the country.

However, according to people who think Britain was wrong to decide to leave the EU do not necessarily think the referendum result should be reversed.

Despite a significant progress in UK’s divorce talks with EU, Mr Bray stays optimistic and faithful to his ‘it’s not a done deal’ motto.

The protest will start at 9.15pm with a torchlight procession from Richmond Terrace along the Embankment and up to Royal Courts of Justice, where people are encouraged to camp all night in a peaceful torch-lit vigil.

This is to coincide with the ‘Option to Remain’ debate in Parliament on 11 June and the first hearing of the ‘Article 50 Challenge’ at the Royal Courts of Justice on June 12.

‘’On Tuesday we’ll have ‘pies not lies’ – it’s EU-themed, people make pies, bring them along and just try to make this day as pleasant as possible.

‘’Even though we are protesting, we’ll be approaching people, giving out food, talking to anyone and everyone who its interested in what is going on with our system,’’ Mr Bray said.

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