Diamond ring robbers sentenced at Kingston Crown Court


The gang targeted and strangled mothers over a period of four years.


By Luke Gardener

A gang of diamond ring robbers who strangled mothers over a period of four years have been sentenced at Kingston Crown Court today.

Christopher Byam was sentenced to 21 years, Perrie Williams 17 years, and Anton Lord eight and a half years.

Women were forced to the ground nearly suffocating, as the robbers stripped them of all their jewellery in front of their terrified young children.

The trio targeted eight mothers with diamond engagement rings in Clapham, Battersea and Fulham Road.

Many passed out during the attacks and one woman needed reconstructive surgery on her jaw.

The attacks took place between January 2007 and March 2011.

Detectives have described the gang as one of the most dangerous to have operated in London in recent years.

It was established that the men would sell the stolen jewellery in the Hatten Garden diamond markets and go on shopping sprees with their girlfriends using the money they had acquired.

During the trial Lord and Byam admitted to armed robberies over a ten year period in addition to the diamond ring attacks.

Lord would follow females and attack them in remote locations, threatening them with either an imitation handgun or knife.

He would meticulously plan the attacks with his friends to identify suitable women to be victims.

Byam admitted to residential burglary and phone snatching where he targeted commuters on South West London rail and tube lines.

DC Dan Williams of Wandsworth Robbery Squad said: “The high level of premeditated violence used against lone women over such a period was disgraceful.

“These men were ruthless and presented a very real and persistent danger to women.

“Sentences of this nature are a strong deterrent to others who seek to engage in this type of violent crime.”

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