Wimbledon Art Fair opens up 230 artists’ private studios

Artists will welcome visitors into their private studios next week as part of Wimbledon Art Fair.

The free-to-attend affordable art fair is expected to attract 4,000 visitors to Wimbledon Art Studios from November 15-18, exhibiting the work of hundreds of London artists.

Tucked away at Garret Business Park in Wimbledon, painters, printers, photographers, cake-makers, ceramicists and fashion designers open the doors to their working space, selling their art from under £100 to more than £5,000.

Wimbledon Art Studios business manager Dan Gray said: “What makes the fair special is the fact that you are walking into someone’s private studio. You are actually getting to know the artist.”

The 230 fully occupied studios are a creative work space for more than 270 artists.

Mr Gray added: “It’s less intimidating in terms of accessing art and learning more about art, you can do it directly with the person who created it which is amazing.”

Ceramicist Carolyn Tripp, who joined the art studios this year in June, said she is looking forward to her first art fair and is excited to welcome visitors into her studio.

“People love to see where things are made, I love talking about my work and answering questions,” Ms Tripp said.

Ceramicist Carolyn Tripp

With Christmas around the corner, the art fair offers the chance to find unique gifts for friends and family, exhibiting pieces that are not available on the high streets.

Visitors buy straight from the artist, supporting the creative community directly- everything the artist makes the artist gets to keep.

The fair invites everyone, from art experts to families with children.

Alex Rennie, a painter at the studios for 11 years, said: “It’s great getting kids in because they are always very honest about what they see, sometimes brutal. They don’t hold anything back.”

Painter Alex Rennie

Wimbledon Art Studios have become more than a working or exhibiting space for the artists over the past 26 years of its existence.

It is a community for inspiration, creativity and collaboration.

“Coming here was a bit of a revelation- it’s a good place to meet people and exchange ideas, that’s the main thing. I’ve learned so much from other people here,” said painter Richard Knight.

Over those four days next week, anyone gets the opportunity to sneak a peak into this artist hub in Wimbledon.

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