Mourners gather outside Windsor Castle for the funeral of Prince Philip

Mourners from across the UK have descended on Windsor to show support for the funeral of Prince Philip today.

The ceremonial royal funeral was held at St George’s Chapel in the grounds of Windsor Castle at 3pm today, with only 30 people in attendance due to coronavirus restrictions.

The procession was led by the military, followed by the duke in his specially designed Land Rover Defender, the Royal Family, and the Queen.

Members of the public have come across the UK to pay their respects, despite government advice to avoid mass gatherings.

Kaya Mar, 64, a painter from London, brought a portrait of the duke that he painted the day he died.

He said: “As soon as I heard he died I picked up the brush and started painting, he will not be easily replaced.

“He was the one that held the family together and now we’ve lost that.”

AS SOON AS HE DIED I PICKED UP THE BRUSH: Kaya Mar with his portrait of Prince Philip

Clare Mclaren, 53, from Manchester, woke up at 5am to pay her respects after meeting Prince Philip and Princess Anne multiple times.

She said: “I feel really sorry for the Queen as there will be a massive hole left. This is a huge historical moment.

“People don’t realise the effect he had on people and the work he has done.”

Jonathan Chi, 23, from Southampton, arrived at 8am to show his support to the Queen.

He said: “The royals define England, so this is a big moment.”

THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH: A Windsor post-box adorned with a knitted creation to celebrate the duke’s life

Crowds outside the castle surpassed the numbers seen last Friday, the day of the duke’s death, and there was a large police presence to encourage social distancing and security.

Prince Harry attended without his wife Meghan, who was unable to fly due to her pregnancy.

It was the first time he has returned to the UK since leaving for America last year.

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