London Photo Festival continues as a lockdown activity amid restrictions

The London Photo Festival is continuing to run throughout lockdown in Twickenham, amid Government restrictions.

This year’s theme is ‘womanhood’, with photos submitted from photographers all over the world for an outdoor exhibition in the grounds of Twickenham’s Marble Hill House.

Inspired by Henrietta Howard, the theme was selected to include images capturing the diversity of women through photography, thus challenging stereotypes and perceptions.

ART FROM ALL OVER: Portuguese photojournalist Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro’s piece ‘Hope and Belief’ is displayed

The top ten images will be displayed for six months as part of the London Photo Festival’s Fence exhibition – a new initiative brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Founded in 2011, the London Photo Festival was set up by Emma Mapp and Kit Shah to give fellow new and emerging photographers an affordable way to display their art. 

LOCKDOWN ACTIVITY: The exhibition is based outside in Twickenham.
CREDIT: Katherine Ellis

Mapp, 47, said: “Like many businesses during the pandemic, we had to alter the way we exhibit photography and this new initiative was brought about as a result of Covid-19. 

“We can continue to support our artists during this difficult time and produce an event that is safe for the public to view when they visit the park.”

CAPTURING WOMEN: Twickenham’s Kat Young has her piece ‘Bodybuilder’ exhibited

Members of the public will also be invited to vote for their favourite image in the exhibition via a QR code displayed at the exhibition.

The following photographers will be exhibited for six months on the London Photo Festival Fence from 1st October:

Annett Müller-Dorn
Catherine LeComte
George L Stein
Geraint Rowland
Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro
Kat Young  (based in Twickenham)  
Max Ellis (based in Teddington)
Teresa Antoinette Meier
Suzi Corker
Tommaso Carrara

The public are able to vote for their favourite images.

Photographer and illustrator Max Ellis, 57, said: “The Womanhood exhibition is an intriguing disparate view of the female form.

“The unique collection of images gives the viewer a real journey.

“The exterior location is a real boon in these Covid times and it’s great to observe passers by being captivated and provoked by the collection of images.”

‘GO FOR IT’: The title of Tommaso Carrara’s submission encompasses a woman’s determination to succeed

Marble Hill was built for the remarkable Henrietta Howard, who was mistress of King George II.

Henrietta Howard’s life led her to overcome a number of challenges from being orphaned at a young age, and being trapped in an abusive marriage.

She rose to wealth, power and eventually found love – her story is a celebration of womanhood.

The exhibition will take place until April 2021 and more information can be found here.

Featured image credit: ‘The Lost Woman’ by Teresa Antoinette Meier

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