New podcast series launched to inspire young women

A Clapham woman is determined to make Monday morning blues a thing of the past by launching her own motivational podcast channel, with the first episode released on Sunday.

In the series, entitled Self Made Women, Corrie Jones, 24, interviews inspirational businesswomen as they share career advice and tips with listeners.

She was inspired to run and host her own podcasts after attending male-dominated meetings and networking events.

She said: “The men were always quick to notice and would jokingly point out to me that I was the only woman present.”

Realising this pattern, Miss Jones started contacting bespoke women in the business world and began to develop Self Made Women back in October 2017.

With no previous experience in conducting live interviews, Corrie bought her own recording equipment and used free editing software Audacity to compose each episode.

Her interviews will predominately focus on how the person created their business and what they do in helping women progress in the modern working world.

Corrie revealed the reason she chose the podcast format is because she believes guests give more authentic answers when discussing such in-depth topics.

She explained: “I really wanted it to launch it in the New Year because lots of people make resolutions and it would appeal to the whole ‘New Year New Me’ thing as many people think January will be a big turning point for them.

“I would think of questions what I would find helpful and what questions people I know and business colleagues will find useful.”

Keeping with the theme of New Year resolutions, Corrie says her goal for 2018 is to upload a new episode every week.

Those who tune into Self Made Women will hear inspiring stories of how guests pursued their dream careers whilst uncovering their struggles and achievements.

Her first episode features American video producer and lifestyle host of Refinery 29, Lucie Fink, whom Corrie considers to be a positive and upbeat person.

She said: “This particular episode is going to be really useful to anyone that is struggling or thinking where to go with their career.

“Lucie has built a whole house of doors to opportunities. She will be very interesting for people across different industries to listen to.”

Discussing the interviews recorded so far, Corrie described how each guests reactions has unveiled exciting insights in overcoming tough barriers in business.

She revealed: “I have had guests say they have really enjoyed answering my questions, thinking and reflecting back on it themselves. A couple of things have been a surprise and but it is also reassuring to hear that from someone and to know what they did when they started out.”

On top of mastering her podcasting skills, Corrie runs her self-founded social media consultancy in Liverpool Street, which just celebrated its first anniversary.

Her flourishing career was featured last month on business blog She Can She Did, sharing her impressive journey after 19 months of freelancing.

Keen to offer her own advice, Corrie highlighted her best tips for those aspiring to break into the world of podcasting.

She said: “Have a really clear idea of what you want your podcast to be about, it needs to be something you are passionate about and talk about for hours and hours with your friends.

“Also make sure to do your research of what the best equipment and editing tools are and just go for it.”

When asked why people should download and listen to Self Made Women on Sunday evenings, Corrie said: “Take the time out if you want a little boost of happiness and motivation ready for the week ahead.”

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