Clapham entrepreneur’s bid to raise £7,000 and replace stolen health food horsebox

Free juice and cuddles with a fluffy dog named Schubert are just some of the incentives for people to donate to a mobile food stall crowdfunder.

Ex-City analyst Tabitha Johnston swapped sums for spinach earlier this year and ploughed £15,000 into transforming a horsebox into a health food stall called The Neigh Horsebox which sold juices and super foods.

She had just won a contract to pitch and sell from her horsebox near Liverpool Street, in the City of London, when disaster struck and it was stolen.

Neigh horsebox health barHEALTHY SNACKS: Just one of the raw bars sold at The Neigh Horsebox

She said: “It was really surreal, I just couldn’t believe it.

“At first, I thought I might have parked it in a different place, but slowly it began to sink in.”

“I had been most worried about someone spraying graffiti on it, I never imagined someone would steal it.”

Her horsebox business which had only been running for three months when she left it parked near Barnes Common, after it had proved an inch too big to fit into the secure parking she had previously arranged.

Neigh horsebox 2HORSING AROUND: Tabitha in her original stall

Ms Johnston is now looking to secure £7,000 on Kickstarter to transform another trailer into a hydroponic horsebox.

If she doesn’t reach her target by December 9 all the money will be returned to backers.

She said: “Being so invested in whether or not it’s a success means there are lots of up and downs.

“It’s been an emotional rollercoaster.”

To donate to the Kickstarter campaign visit 

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