Harry Potter comes to Centre Court


Shoppers in Wimbledon were treated to a magical surprise during half term week


By Gemma Francis

SHOPPERS were pleasantly surprised when Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore turned up at Centre Court this week.

Actors dressed up for pictures with fans, and children were invited to have their face painted and arts and crafts workshops.

Ray James, Part of Cobra Events and Entertainment Ltd, dressed up as Dumbledore for the Harry Potter experience which ran from 27th – 31st October.

He said: “We’ve got real props from the Harry Potter movie, so the exhibition has been very popular with the children.”

The props included the Harry Potter car, an hourglass sand timer from Dumbledore’s office and various goblets and plates used in the film.

Harry Potter lookalike, Harry Russell, also part of Cobra Events, said: “We travel up and down the country and we’ve had a lot of very happy customers here so far.”

The event, which was timed for half term, was designed to boost consumer awareness, and also included prize draws.

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