World’s first restaurant catering only for babies opens in Clapham


Weeny Weaning was set up by food manufacturers Ella’s Kitchen.


By Rachael Burford

The world’s first restaurant catering exclusively for babies opens to the public in central Clapham today.

Aimed exclusively at children aged 4 to 12 months Weeny Weaning has been set up by baby food manufacturers Ella’s Kitchen for one day only and offers its tiny diners the chance to taste healthy foods for free.

The restaurant contains a ‘sensory zone’ where babies can smell and play with a variety of fruits and vegetables while listening to food themed nursery rhymes recorded by former S Club 7 star Rachel Stevens.

After playing in the sensory zone babies are led a table where they order their food on a high-tech tablet menu that uses pictures instead of words. The picture that the baby shows the most interest becomes their order. 

Kim Gelling, of the Ella’s Kitchen making friends team, said: “Our research has shown that giving babies the chance to explore food with all their senses helps them grow up to be good eaters.

“Babies aren’t built to like vegetables or bitter things and refusing to eat enough fruit and veg can often stress their parents out.

“Coming into the sensory area first means that when it comes to the actual meal, fruit and veg are not so overwhelming because they are already familiar with it.”

Weeny Weaning is at 68 Northcote Road, Clapham and parents can register to attend a dining session between 10am and 4pm by emailing their name and contact number to: [email protected]

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