Streets paved with gold? Half of Londoners are unhappy in wrong job, research reveals

Half of all Londoners have more to worry about than tube troubles and horrible bosses as new research reveals that 50% of people in the capital are in the wrong job.

A survey by Stonebridge Associated Colleges show that almost half of London don’t feel they’re in the best job for them – and a quarter are describe themselves as unhappy in their work.

London is always pitched as the city of opportunity so why – when you can do anything from run an app outsourcing laundry or ride the stock market – are half of Londoners holding back on pursuing their dream job?

The explanation is not financial security or home-life responsibilities, it’s far simpler, it’s because they don’t know where to start.

Wayne Janse Van Rensburg, CEO of Stonebridge Associated Colleges, said: “Londoners seem to be settling for less and sticking with what they know professionally, even when they don’t enjoy it.

“Perhaps people don’t realise the options available now to assist their progression.”

According to the study, 73% of Londoners would consider retraining to progress a career goal, but only 17% plan to take up a training course.

With over a third admitting they simply get bored of their goals, perhaps the new year is the best time for a new direction.

The clarity at which Londoners are aware of their unhappiness is seemingly only trumped by their lack of awareness about the options available to them.

You don’t have to be stuck in a rut or sitting on untapped skills, Mr Janse Van Rensburg is enthusiastic about distance learning that has been revolutionised by the internet, making courses more accessible, flexible and affordable.

He said: “Our courses enable you to learn whilst working around your lifestyle and commitments.”

Picture courtesy of banspy, with thanks

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