Violence against women – will the streets of London ever be safe?

Sarah Everard’s murder continues to shake the nation, confidence in police has plummeted and 40% of women feel less safe since the start of Covid-19.

The tragic death of Sarah Everard, 33, brought violence against women to the forefront of everyone’s mind in March. 

As she was walking home from a friend’s house at 9pm on 3 March in Clapham, police officer Wayne Couzens, 48, arrested her under the guise of lockdown laws.

He then abducted, raped and killed Sarah.

Sarah Everard’s remains were found on 10 March, just one day after police arrested Couzens.

Couzens was sent to prison for life in October this year, but his abuse of power continues to send shockwaves through the nation and many women are asking if they are ever safe.

In a recent UN report for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, 40% of women said they felt less safe walking alone at night since the pandemic began.

Violence against women is now a national policing priority in the UK, after months of national outcry and rape convictions reaching their lowest levels yet.

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Photo Credit: Ehimetalor Akhere via Unsplash

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