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Charitable cost of living events in Richmond

Richmond Council and a business based in Whitton are helping to ease the cost of living with charitable work and events, from free meals to wardrobe swaps.

Richmond Council has set up a range of free events through March as part of their ‘Winter Warmers for Community Spaces’ initiative.

The events, which in the past have been attended by up to 40-50 people, include clothes swapping, or ‘swishing,’ handicraft sessions such as quilting and flower printing, yoga, as well as finance and mindfulness workshops.

They are being held in libraries across Richmond, Twickenham and Teddington to not only encourage the use of libraries but a sense of community and education with hot drinks and snacks provided.

One such ‘swishing’ event is being held this Saturday at Twickenham Library.

FREE EVENTS: Twickenham Library. Credit:  Ina Pace

Kim Hacker, Richmond’s Community Library Manager said: “We reduce landfill retail therapy without tears. People can bring their good quality items of clothing, and they’ll get tokens they can swap for someone else’s preloved items.

“Strangers meet over lunch and by the end of the day know each other’s’ dress sizes.”

One customer claimed the event totally revamped their wardrobe.

More upcoming ‘Winter Warmer’ events include Sing Your Way to Well-Being, featuring a pop-up choir on the 21st March at Twickenham Library.

Whitton Library’s 50th birthday is also being celebrated with an array of free events running through March.

These include afternoon tea with the 1960s film Danger By My Side (partially filmed in Whitton) on the 8th March, a visit with owls on the 12th March, and Has Whitton Got Talent?, a variety show on the 15th March.

More information about the Council’s upcoming events can be found here and its cost of living directory is here.

Spice Up

A notable business also helping to alleviate the cost of living is Whitton-based Indian restaurant Spice Up, which hosts regular charity work and events.

Sheetal Arora, owner of Spice Up, has always worked with homeless charities, as well as domestic abuse victims, and for charitable gatherings.

Spice Up, which has been open almost a year, invited customers spending time alone to eat for free on Christmas Day and on the first Tuesday of every month, homeless people are welcome to eat at the restaurant for free.

DINING AT SPICE UP: Supper Club at Spice Up, Whitton 2023. Credit: Sheeta Arora

Featured image credit: Sheeta Arora

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