A picture of the River Thames near Teddington as the sun comes up

WATCH: A Morning With the Teddington Bluetits

When all the swimming pools closed in March 2020, many people were at a loss of where to swim and they were wishing they lived nearer the sea. 

However, luckily for them, they lived near the river. 

The Teddington Bluetits began meeting in January 2021 and the group, which now has more than 1400 members, has gone from strength to strength.

They now meet three times a week, but many people chose to swim every day – sometimes twice. 

I spent a Sunday morning with the Bluetits and they told me all about the benefits of cold water swimming, how to do it safely as the temperature gets colder and whether they prefer swimming in the summer or the winter.  

Head over to Youtube to find out more: 

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