The Lions’ share: England fans guzzle down DOUBLE portions cheering on Rugby World Cup

Men are set to eat double, not just see double, during the Rugby World Cup as research shows male fans will eat twice as much food as usual during the tournament.

Men on average are oblivious to the calorific content of kebabs, pizza and beer, meaning they are inclined to eat more than their fair share, discovered a Fitness First poll of 2,000 men.

The research has predicted that when men sit down to watch the England v Wales game on Saturday, they will scrum down an average of three pints of beer, a bag of sharing crisps and a portion of chips, totalling a massive 2,544 calories.

Fitness First’s head of marketing, Kate Toland, said: “Those men congregating at the pub or at a mate’s house to watch the England v Wales can expect to enjoy free flowing beer or cider and snacks on tap.

“Without taking the fun out of the tournament, simply partaking in additional exercise and being more careful on other meals through the day can alleviate any worries about game-time treats.”

The study showed that if a man watched all 48 World Cup games, he would consume an impressive total of 122,112 calories or 220 Happy Meals.

Obesity levels in Britain have been a cause of concern since 2013 as the United Kingdom was ranked top of a European obesity league table, with 24.9% of its population being obese.

Simon Cowen, a Fitness First personal trainer, has recommended these exercises to burn calories during the World Cup:

  • Burpees – five minutes of burpees could burn up to 250 calories – the equivalent of two packets of Monster Munch pickled onion crisps.
  • Road Running – going for a 5k run at a steady pace could burn around 500 calories – the equivalent of two pints of cider.
  • Skipping – a 12 minute round of 20 second skipping sessions followed by 10 seconds of rest could burn between 180-300 calories – a slice of American Hot, stuffed crust pizza.

England’s pack will face down Wales for a heavy clash on Saturday at 8pm.

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