Ukrainian refugees Alisa Cooper and Kupriian

A new generation of influencers: the Ukrainian refugees sharing their lives on social media

Having left their homes and families behind, millions of Ukrainian refugees have had to start afresh in strange, new surroundings across the world – and some are sharing every step of their journey on social media for others to see.

35-year-old Alisa Cooper is not your average influencer: she is a Ukrainian refugee in a city where she knows nobody and nobody knows her, wearing clothes gifted through humanitarian aid. 

Before the war, Alisa lived a life of glamour, visiting famous restaurants and mixing with Ukraine’s top celebrities and influencers through her highly successful food blog, YouTube channel, popular Instagram account, and prestigious online culinary course.

But then, her life was turned upside down when the war forced her and her five-year-old son, Kupriian, to flee their home in Kyiv.

Upon arriving in London, she decided it was time for new beginnings – and her TikTok account @alisacooperldn was born.

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Featured image credit: Irene Kripak

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