London places that accept Bitcoins

With the increased popularity of Bitcoins, more and more stores are accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. We have made an overview of London stores where you can use your Bitcoins.

As the finance capital of the world, there are probably a couple of people living in London with some Bitcoins in their digital wallets.

In a short time, Bitcoin has increased incredibly in value and attracted investors all over the world.

But cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin aren’t just an object of investment – they can also be used for day-to-day transactions.

London is the place in the UK with the most options to use your Bitcoins. But to even use your Bitcoins, you need a digital wallet, where you can store them.

This involves finding an exchange service that will offer you a crypto wallet.

Binance is the world’s largest crypto exchange service, where you will be offered a wallet to safely keep your Bitcoins and be the only person who has access to it.

If you want to know more about Binance you can read Cryptomeister’s review of the service at

The Pembury Tavern

At Britain’s first pub accepting Bitcoins, you can buy beers and pizzas with the digital currency at this Hackney pub. It’s quite easy, as you just scan a QR code with your digital wallet.

According to The Guardian, the owner of the place bought digital currencies already in 2011, but couldn’t use them anywhere:

But instead of just hiding them he decided to start accepting crypto payments at his pub.

Brewdog Canary Wharf

Operated by the Scottish brewery Brewdog, this beer bar in the financial district of London offers both a huge variation of tap beers, food and even beer school classes.

Since the opening, the bar has accepted payment with cryptocurrencies as the first Brewdog bar.

The idea is to make the bars cashless, so instead, you will just use a QR-code from your crypto wallet.

If you are looking for the best options of entertainment and bars, you can read more here:

Totem Hair

Even your hair can get trimmed by a Bitcoin transaction. Totem Hair is a London hairdresser that offers services for professional companies.

 It’s offering a pop-up service, where the hairdresser will show up at the workplace and give the employees a haircut, to let the company maintain a professional look for its employees.

This service can be paid with Bitcoins, and it’s done quickly and conveniently, so you can quickly go back to your work.

Use Gift Cards

A longer list of cafés and restaurants are now accepting Bitcoins and other cryptos as payment for gift cards to the stores.

This means you can use your Bitcoins to buy gift cards to pay for your food or coffee at Wagamama, Caffe Nero, Brasserie Blanc, Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Express and platforms for taking away.

You can also use Bitcoin gift cards at supermarkets like Tesco, Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s.

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