The Love Doctress’ Valentine’s Day survival guide for lonely Londoners

February 14 is rearing its expectant head again, and you know that can only mean one thing the festival of schmaltz, Valentine’s Day, is here again.

While the packed restaurants and lovey-dovey couples may be to the liking of some, it can be a miserable time for others.

In truth, the overblown gestures as well as the constant marketing of the date make it all seem a little bit false despite its noble origins.

“It’s nice to have a date to celebrate love, but it’s not right if that’s the only day you do it in,” says relationship expert Dr Adela Apetroaia.

“If that’s the case, you should re-think the relationship. In a healthy relationship, you should show appreciation to each other all the time.”

Dr Apetroaiaa, aka the Love Doctress, also said this is partly the reason why more couples break-up a few days before Valentine’s Day, like the spike in break-ups before Christmas.

“At both those times the relationship is asked to be put in perspective,” she said.

“When it’s not living up to the lofty standards portrayed by the media, couples decide to call it quits.”

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However the worst effect is felt by the single people who are bombarded from all sides with imagery of grand love, potentially leading to feelings of alienation.

“There is a lot of pressure on people to be with someone at this time of the year,” Dr Apetroaia added.

“So, if they are alone, it makes them feel like failures.”

Therefore in the year’s coldest months more people are left feeling like love lemons, lying in their twin-sized beds without someone to make it warm.

With their single pillows underneath their solitary heads they may be more motivated to change their situation.

But this can backfire if the person is not ready for romance.

“Before being in a relationship, you have to be comfortable with yourself,” said the Love Doctress, who offers consultancy for struggling singles.

“You need to know what makes you special by yourself first and not just jump into a relationship because society tells you to.”

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