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Richmond Borough Mind offering mental health services for those struggling this winter

A leading mental health service in Richmond will provide essential services to aid those who are struggling during this winter period and beyond.

Although loved ones may mean well, when you feel your mental health is spiralling their advice can feel useless – literally.

Unfortunately, the demand for mental health services is at an all-time high, and in the current climate it seems there is a national crisis around every corner.

Richmond Borough Mind, a local branch of the Leading mental health charity Mind, are based in Twickenham and offer a range of services for people within the Richmond Borough finding difficulty with their mental health.

Kirsty McLachlan, Training Coordinator and Mental Health Trainer at Richmond Borough (RB) Mind said: “Research done in around about 2018/19 shows that out of all the London boroughs, in terms of young people’s mental health and well-being, we are the fourth worst.

“Richmond has the third highest rate of admissions to A&E for self-harm in 10- to 24-year-olds in London (2018).”

However, there is hope and help available now. There are many charities with resources and specialist knowledge to help those who are suffering and advice for the people caring for them.

McLachlan added: “There’s a lot more going on then people know about, it’s really about that visibility and getting the information out there, but there are people there to help.”

These services include:

  • Low-cost counselling
  • Out-of-hours crisis team (Journey Recovery Hub; supporting people in or approaching crisis needing immediate help).
  • Therapy groups
  • Well-being centres (groups and activities for long term mental health problems)
  • Carers in Mind (support for carers of those with a mental health condition)
  • Youth service (assembly’s and workshops for young people & outreach).
  • Training Workshops (mental health awareness at work)

McLachlan went on to say: “When you first have either a diagnosis or you first start feeling unwell and its a bit different to you, or something you have not experienced before; it does feel like a complete mind field.

“Our helpline volunteer can talk through the different things that are available. Not just within RB mind, but we’ve got a whole network of partners that we work with, and we’ve got a lot of information that we can sign post too.”

For people in the Richmond Borough helpline:  02031379590

Email: [email protected]

Options for those outside of Richmond (whole of UK):

Samaritans’ helpline:116 123

To maintain these essential services, charities like RB Mind are always in need of support and funding. See their website to donate:

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8 February 2023 9:42 pm

I’m incensed by this claim.
I signed up for help in January 2022 and in December was told they could not help because I travel a bit much and they’re worried in case I need to be ‘sign posted’ to a service.
My son has had a terrible time with mental health. We asked for help, they assessed him and agreed that help was needed but it’s been 9 months since we heard anything.
Either provide a service, or don’t. But providing a poor service is shameful!!

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