WATCH: The return of the Colony Room Club, Soho’s infamous arts and drinking den

After 15 years of its much-contested closure, The Colony Room Club has been meticulously recreated as “a love letter to London’s lost bohemia.”

Affectionately known as one of the “seediest spots in Britain,” the Colony Room Club was a breeding ground for some of the most internationally important artists and celebrities of its day, as well as young promising artists who drank alongside their contemporaries.

The art installation and immersive bar has been recreated by former member and Young British Artist Darren Coffield alongside the Daisy Green team.

“I thought it would be a great idea to bring it back because there really is nowhere left like it in London,” said Coffield.

Coffield has amassed a huge array of material after years of tracking down the club’s belongings after the former proprietor sold them to an American art dealer, meaning every original detail of the original club has been refashioned to create an iconic rebirth of the infamous drinking establishment.

However, instead of climbing up a dingy flight of stairs to a small first-floor room, guests will head downstairs to a secret door beneath Ziggy Green, entering through the legendary club mural into the bright green time warp of the early 2000s.

The original house rules apply – no phones are allowed and the only prerequisite for membership is to be fun and interesting.

Drinks will be served at (introductory) 2008 prices and will include a Beefeater and Tonic for £4.

You can find The Colony Room Club at 4 Heddon Street, W1B 4BS.

Watch the video below to find out more:

Featured Image Credit: Daisy Green

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