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LOVE TRAIN PODCAST: love and lust on London’s public transport

It’s a Monday morning, and you’re sandwiched between a bunch of perfect strangers on the Northern Line.

But something, or someone, catches your eye…. 

In our new podcast Love Train, journalists Mesgana Sintayehu, Callum Cuddeford and Elaine McCallig discuss all things love and lust aboard public transport in London.

We delve into the murky depths of the Metro newspaper’s Rush Hour Crush personal ads, and we hear from Hannah who tells us of how a chance encounter on a train led to her meeting her boyfriend of four years.

We also chat to Dan Corsi whose band’s 2000 hit single Love on the Northern Line melted the hearts of commuters everywhere.

All aboard the Love Train! Destination? You decide!

You can listen to the Love Train podcast below:

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