How to travel from London to New York during the pandemic

We live in uncertain times that force us to get used to things we were not accustomed to.

Today we have to live by stringent rules of wearing a face mask everywhere we go, wash and sanitize our hands often, and maintain social distance.

People have started working from home, and travelling is now done with a million more restrictions.

Today, it is not as easy as getting a US ESTA application form, filling it in, securing a visa, and travelling.

Travelling from London to New York has a procedural process one has to follow. Here are some of those things.

Understand the rules of travel first

Traveling during the pandemic from London to New York for a holiday has been termed illegal till further notice. So much so, you must have a strong due reason to go to New York.

Some of the justifiable reasons to travel are work, medical, volunteering, education, weddings or civil partnerships, and funerals are some of the exemptions.

Even so, word of mouth is not enough to support, you need any supporting paperwork to ensure the validity of your travel.

It is mandatory to get the coronavirus medical tests done

The most important test to get verified is the coronavirus test which must have you testing negative even to qualify for a visa.

It is then advisable to get the test early enough, even before you buy the plane ticket. This is to prevent losses if the test comes out positive and you have already made arrangements.

While at the airport, you must follow all the rules

The moment you set foot in any airport in London, you must comply with all the rules set aside to ensure your safety.

You must wash your hands when instructed, sanitise when told, wear a mask the whole time, and maintain social distancing.

Crowding is highly discouraged, and if you are found instigating the formation of one, you may find yourself in trouble.

Continue following the rules even while in transit

The rules do not get stripped once you get on a plane, as a matter of fact, here is where you become more careful.

Social distancing is still practiced where you sit on alternating spaces allocated.

You must also keep sanitising your hands regularly and keep your masks on the whole trip back and forth.

Follow the rules on re-entry back to London

Before coming back to London, you must be in self-quarantine for at least ten days before travelling.

Also, you must take two tests before getting the go-ahead into the country. You could not be given access if you travelled to any red zoned areas by the UK Government.

If you pass these rules, you will get access back to London from New York with no problems. Just remember that the old rules on customs still apply.

Take away

Travelling from London to New York is not the same as it was a few years back, but it is the new normal that we have to live by.

We have to protect ourselves to protect the people around us, which is why these rules must be followed to the latter.

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