New golf clothing label aims to change perception of the game and build a community

A Wandsworth fashion director and two entrepreneurs hope to change the stereotypes surrounding golf with a new clothing label that launched last month.

Manors, which officially opened on June 14, has obtained substantial financial backing from both British and American investors in the hope of creating a brand which makes golf more relaxed in both style and practice.

The company, which has launched in Europe and America, is already in talks with professional players over sponsorship, as well as having long-term aims of a community which will be far more than just a clothing label.

Manors fashion director Nick Watts, 22, from Wandsworth, said: “We are inspired by the 50s, 60s and 70s but being contemporary is always on our mind, have you seen what the golfers wore in these eras?

“Their clothes were multi-functional, they could play 18 holes in them, go to a smart restaurant and never look out of place and we want our clothes to be worn on and off the course moving away from the sweat absorbent Lycra which has infiltrated the golfing market.”

Taking inspiration from the wardrobes of iconic golfing greats like Ben Hogan and adding a modern twist, Manors is aiming to use street fashion as the gateway to a game now associated with skin tight shirts and scientific fabrics.

Manors co-founder Jojo Regan, 26, said: “Manors is on a mission to change the perception of golf. For too long golf has been the snobbish sport of suburbia reserved for the elite and old timers who have time to fill, in five years we want Manors clubhouses that give our members access to local courses, a community of players who take part in competitions and a clothing range that is versatile with sport and street options.”

Working towards a more inclusive golfing community, the three friends have identified America as a key market to infiltrate as there is a more liberal approach to the sport already in place.

Manors co-founder Luke Davies, 25, said: “The market size in America is significantly bigger than the UK not only in the size but also in the mentality, people already perceive the game as much more relaxed and loose compared to how in the UK some people still have some prejudice towards the dress codes on the course, they’re pretty stuck up here in terms of things like that.”

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