Night train travel in and around south west London

The green and pleasant charm of Chelsea, Wimbledon, Clapham, Streatham and Fulham make this area of London a great option for a holiday, and what better way to enjoy it with the fun and excitement of taking a night train journey.

The interesting attractions and activities in the area make it a great choice to visit and a great connecting point with other parts of London and further afield.

Sleeper trains are quieter and more relaxed than day time trains and are more affordable when booked at off-season times.

Night trains

The South Western Railway (SWR) operates trains into south-west London from Waterloo station and there are routes through Berkshire, Hampshire, Dorset, Devon and the Isle of Wight, as well as the South Coast and the West Country.

From Waterloo Station you can travel to all the major towns and cities across the south and south west, with trains to Bournemouth, Guildford, Portsmouth and Windsor.

As a bonus, Waterloo is also close to:

  • The London Eye
  • Westminster Bridge
  • The IMAX theatre
  • The Old Vic theatre
  • The South Bank

The good news is that SWR announced that it will be retaining its Class 707 trains to ensure plenty of availability and make travel as comfortable as possible – whether by day or night.

Night trains from south west London

There are two major night train routes through the UK which run almost every week day.

If you’re travelling to and from south west London you can take the Great Western Railway train from London to Penzance, the most westerly and prettiest point in Cornwall.

Fast trains leave daily, at night and arrive early in the morning.

Slower night trains take about 11 hours to travel from London’s Waterloo station to Penzance.

There is normally only one train per day and you can book overnight trains in advance.

There is no direct route so the trip will require one change.

This is, nonetheless, a very easy and enjoyable trip with trains usually being much quieter and feeling more spacious.

What time does the late night/overnight train leave?

The late night train from London Waterloo to Penzance leaves at 11:45pm, arriving after 7:30am.

The very early morning and late night departures are usually sleeper trains so check with your train provider.

Departure time and services on weekends and holidays may also differ from week day services.

How to book an overnight trip

You can reserve your seat on a late night sleeper train using a phone app or computer and your ticket can be delivered to your phone.

You can use your ticket immediately.

If you are flexible about when you want to travel and the time of your train you will be able to save money using special offers and low season rates.

Sleeping berths/couchette car

Overnight trains have comfortable sleeping berths or you can remain seated during the trip.

Double compartments have a basic double-bunk arrangement.

Current ticket holders can pay an additional fare to access a Sleeping Berth on the Great Western Railway Sleepers.

Opting for a sleeping berth comes highly recommended and is superior in comfort to regular seating for overnight trips.

Travel in south west London in the time of Covid-19

While the world may not be back to normal in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, some additional safety measures make it easier and much safer to travel across the UK.

Here is a guide to how UK travel restrictions compare to other areas of the globe, and while we’re on the subject maybe you would also fancy a ride on a steam train or maybe catch a glimpse of it as it puffs and toots its way past Wimbledon.

Night train travel is a great way to enjoy your holidays and sleeper coaches are generally more affordable and quieter than day trains.

You can book a sleeper coach from central London to the south west at your ticket office or online and tickets are available immediately.

There are night trains to Cornwall and other destinations, making taking a sleeper train a unique and exciting choice for your holidays.

Night trains are comfortable and spacious, allowing a great night’s rest before arriving at your destination.

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