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Review: Upgrade from pub food to choice cuisine @ The London Steakhouse Co. Chelsea

The classic steakhouse nestled in Chelsea has added a touch of French finesse to turn the humble classic into a thing of beauty.

Walking into The London Steakhouse Co. was like entering an intimate French bistro with golden lighting, opulent mirrors and jazz adding to the ambience.

I was led to the mezzanine, which was lined with creamy leather chairs and Giles cartoons on the walls.

The evening began with an amuse bouche – a deliciously nutty and creamy mushroom risotto with a generous helping of parmesan.

It was the perfect way to ward off any hunger pangs before my langoustine starter arrived.


The langoustine tails were bursting with flavour as garlic complimented the sweetness of the meat.

They were fresh, displayed in their shells, which did become a little fiddly, purely as I fought to ensure I’d eaten every morsel.

Soon after the pièce de résistance arrived, sirloin steak with béarnaise sauce.


Served on the bone, the inside was perfectly rare and the outside perfectly seared, almost caramelised.

The accompanying potato croquettes were fluffy and light with an indulgently cheesy exterior and a herby side salad balanced the meal.

Other options for the carnivorous included pork belly with cannellini beans and a haddock fishcake – the former was beautifully soft with a sticky crackling top and the latter filled the mezzanine with a rich aroma.

The dessert menu included all the classics, cheesecake with summer berries, cheese board and the special tiramisu.

I opted for the sticky toffee pudding served with vanilla ice cream and a sweet toffee sauce.

The sponge was packed with dates making it slightly too sticky although, what can one expect!


Accompanying all of this was a Stormy Cape shiraz, which was light and delicately hinted at red berries with a very subtle aftertaste, the perfect accompaniment to a nice slab of red meat.

The quality of the restaurant’s ingredients certainly made this a steak dinner that far outdid your average pub affair.

With the menu range kept seasonal and fairly small, each dish was prepared with attention to detail and the staff were quick to meet the needs of their guests.

If you ever find yourself on the Kings Road and hankering for an injection of decadence, The London Steakhouse Co. is certainly one to consider.

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